The future of cloud computing is hybrid!

Join Cloudscaling and select partners as they share their views and expertise on the hybrid cloud model as well the advantages of Open Cloud Systems (OCS), powered by OpenStack, to go beyond the limits of one-size-fits-all public clouds.


“Your Journey to a Hybrid Cloud” webinar series will contain both technical and business topics, thought leadership from industry experts, use cases, customer stories and more. Each webcast will show you how to put in place new systems and processes that free IT organizations to drive innovation, new efficiencies and transform the business with an open hybrid cloud strategy. We will also demonstrate a cost analysis tool that can help shave $1,000s off of your AWS bills.

Join us and gain insight into:

  • Key drivers shaping the enterprise shift to hybrid cloud
  • Planning for and building the ultimate hybrid cloud using OpenStack and AWS
  • Best practices and strategies for managing data and apps in a hybrid environment 
  • Technical deep dive into powerful cloud storage and networking solutions

Replay: Building AWS-Compatible Hybrid Clouds

Date: Thursday, Sept. 12, 11:00 am – noon PDT

Speakers: Azmir Mohamed, VP of Product Management at Cloudscaling and Sandeep Patni, VP Services at CumuLogic 

Across industries, companies want to emulate AWS functionality in order to bring that productivity into the enterprise more securely, reliably and cost-effectively. Join this webinar to learn how you can extend the AWS value proposition to build a hybrid cloud strategy that  drives innovation, new efficiencies and transforms your business. Cloud experts from CumuLogic and Cloudscaling will share their views on the hybrid cloud model and discuss the strategic importance of technologies such as PaaS, DBaaS and OpenStack required to provide a pragmatic path toward agile, self-service IT delivery.

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Replay: Deploying an OpenStack-powered Private Cloud

Date: Thursday, Oct. 10, 10:00 – 10:45  am PDT

Speakers: Azmir Mohamed, VP Product Management at Cloudscaling 

OpenStack was created with the audacious goal of being the ubiquitous software choice for building public and private cloud infrastructures. If deploying an OpenStack cloud is part of your IT strategy, start here! This webinar introduces OpenStack’s general design and primary software components and shows you how to start using it to build clouds for your business needs. You will also learn why you don’t want to DIY a private cloud and the advantages of Cloudscaling’s Open Cloud System (OCS) - with a live demonstration of OCS Go.

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Replay: OpenStack is Key to a Hybrid World

Date: Thursday, Oct. 17, 10:00 – 10:45 am PDT

Speakers: Randy Bias, CEO and Co-founder at Cloudscaling, and Jeff Dickey, SVP Cloud Solutions at Redapt

The hybrid cloud is the next cloud for many organizations - even if they’ve started with a public cloud-only architecture. In this webinar Cloudscaling and Redapt will discuss trends driving enterprise adoption of the hybrid cloud model and provide insight into the strategic importance of OpenStack. We will also walk through a cloud cost calculator to illustrate how an open hybrid cloud - powered by OpenStack - will help you shave thousands of dollars from your monthly AWS bill.

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Replay: High-Performance OpenStack Clouds: Deep Dive into Cloud Networking and Storage

Date: Thursday, Oct. 31, 10:00 – 10:45 am PDT

Speakers: Azmir Mohamed, VP Product Management at Cloudscaling, and Jennifer Lin, Product Marketing for Junos Contrail at Juniper Networks

Join experts from Cloudscaling and Juniper to learn from their hands-on experiences with enterprise customers deploying network virtualization to optimize their private cloud. They will also share their thoughts on where cloud networking and storage are today - and where it needs to be. Both explore emerging industry standards and what enterprises should expect from their cloud providers to take their hybrid cloud environments to the next level.

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